Special Interest

Updated June 8, 2022

Blue Mountain Logging

The Board is moving forward in its diligence to Blue Mountain Logging’s request to cross through Wynndel Irrigation District (WID) watershed to access their block for logging.

A summary of findings and facts will be presented to the public in an ‘Open House’ to be determined at the end of a diligence period that is still ongoing.

Following the Open House, the Board will host a ‘Public Engagement Session’ to gather final input from WID members after which point the Board will determine further diligence required or resolutions to the Logging request for access through WID watershed.

The Board will formalize further milestones and inform our members with respect to consideration of Blue Mountain’s request for access into Wynndel Irrigation District’s watershed.


At our June 1, 2022 regular Board meeting, the WID received a notice from Canfor that there are four blocks controlled by Canfor they will commence logging activity.

The Board will be looking into this notice for additional clarity.