Board Meeting Info

Wynndel Irrigation Board of Trustees elected from their peers in the Water District to govern setting policy and direction.

This is a volunteer position where a portion of board members water taxes and tolls are remunerated.

The Board meets monthly in public.

The next regular meeting of the Wynndel Irrigation District is Tuesday, July 5, 2022 at 7:00 pm at the Wynndel Community Centre.


June 1, 2022 Board Agenda

Approved Minutes:

May 3, 2022 Minutes

April 5, 2022 Minutes

March 1, 2022 Minutes

February 1, 2022 Minutes

January 4, 2022 Minutes

In-camera sessions are in private, in particular taking place in private, with the press and public excluded.

An in-camera session in a meeting is about understanding sensitive situations. Under the Municipal Government Act, a council is allowed to meet in-camera to discuss issues such as:

• personnel matters;
• labour relations and contract negotiations;
• plans to buy, sell or lease property;
• legal advice; and
• security issues.

Typically referred to ‘Labour, Land and Legal’.

Decisions cannot be made during an in-camera session.

All decisions through motion or resolution must be made outside an in-camera session in a public forum and will be recorded in the minutes.